Secure-A-Day Class Flyer


As part of INF’s ongoing effort to keep our clients informed of new and ever-growing exposures, we are proud to offer our family of insureds “Secure-A-Day”. This two-hour seminar, taught by Stacey lvol, the Vice President of the Privacy / Data Breach Unit, is geared towards small to medium size businesses that use computers/smart phones, conduct financial transactions, and/or store client information in paper files on a regular basis

The instructor will travel to YOUR office and walk through a typical work day. She will point out potential cyber security exposures and give suggestions for mitigating them using language that YOU can understand, not technical jargon. She will discuss how a cyber criminal sees your business and the best ways to protect yourself as well as your clients! This seminar will run for approximately two hours, with a Q&A session at the end.

Course Materials

Each attendee will receive an indispensable security guide that will be referenced again and again. Additionally, each office will receive downloadable course and reference materials.

Topics Covered
  • Learn the safe way to travel with your laptop/smart phone
  • Why free Wi-Fi may come with a price
  • Discover FREE and easy ways to keep your data safe in the office and at home
  • Improve employee cyber security awareness
  • Master the art of creating a strong password and an easy way to remember it
  • Solve common office security problems by simple changes in employee behavior
  • Uncover why your trash may be more valuable than you think
  • Learn about the most common social engineering tactics and how to prevent them
  • Lessen your chance of a privacy/data breach by applying technical risk management


Squeeze the most from your training dollar! Course registration is ONLY $199.00! This includes instruction for three individuals. The cost for each additional individual is $49.00. Registration includes coffee, donuts, and course handouts. Register below or call (412) 563-2106.


Legal Malpractice Class Flyer

Legal Malpractice 101

This is a 60 minute class which reviews the basics of your LPL policy and what you need to know about reporting claims/ potential claims. Many of our clients have taken advantage of this seminar and found it to be a valuable resource and time well spent.

Course Materials
  • Specimen Copy of LPL Policies
  • Recent Claim Statistics

Topics Covered
  • Who is covered under the policy
  • What is covered under the policy
  • Claim reporting
  • Claims made form vs. occurrence form
  • Risk management techniques
  • Q&A session


No fee for current clients